Ross Devlin 

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Curriculum Vitae



[2020-present] - Manager  Memphis

Lukah released his debut album, Chickenwire, in 2017. I joined the team to write promotinal material and serve as a PR consultant for his 2nd LP, 2021’s When the Black Hand Touches You, eventually graduating to co-manager. Lukah’s 3rd album, Why Look Up, God’s in the Mirror, sold out 550 LP copies on its first day of release, and Lukah’s music has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, SPIN Magazine, FADER, and received acclaim from Bandcamp for both of his recent records as some of the best of 2021.


[2020-present] - Host  Memphis

Thrust is a weekly radio show inspired by speed, power, and musicianship. As Memphis’ brunch hour, the goal is to get people on their feet by any means necessary. I have interviewed artists on the show including Julien Baker, Don Lifted, Yasmin Williams, Calvin Lauber, and more. 

Nomad Magazine

[2015-2017] - Editor in Chief  Edinburgh

Nomad Magazine is an independent travel and creative writing magazine published annually by students of the University of Edinburgh. I organize weekly workshops for writers to comfortably sharing and critiquing each others work, organize regular fundraising events, and facilitate the submission process and curation of articles, artwork, and photography for publication.

Formula Student

[2015-2017] - Head of Sponsorship Edinburgh

Leader of a nine-person team raising money to build a Formula One-style racecar for the international Formula Student competition. I’ve helped raise £17,000 towards a 30,000 goal, through grant writing and sponsorship pitches. I also manage relationships with sponsors and helped create 1000 new facebook likes, organizing networking events for sponsors and team members.

TRC Advisory

[2015-2016] - Analyst Intern UK/NL

Intern with a boutique strategy consulting firm on a ten-week project with an international industrial manufacturer. Conducted market research remotely and traveling to Amsterdam for weekly sessions with a working team of business leaders and managers. Built Excel models and PowerPoint graphs towards a 5-year forecast saving over $10m in value.

The Student

[2015-2016] - Music Editor, writer  Edinburgh

Co-editor for the music section of Edinburgh University’s weekly newspaper. Responsible for 3-4 pages every week, editing, layout, devising feature ideas, interviews and live reviews, coordinating a team of contributors, and running competitions. I helped create new writing opportunities for our writers, such as festival coverage. I have also written extensively for the paper, interviewing artists such as Portico, and Kagoule.


Bad Advice For Travelers

[2019-present] - Writer USA

BAFT is a collection of writing comprising the year 2020, recorded entirely in iPhone notes. Kaleob Elkin provides graphic illustrations. Soon to be published.

Portobello & Joppa

[2017-present] - Writer USA/UK

In collaboration with Daniel Leyland and Connie Hurley, a multimedia project exploring the premodern fisherwives along the Lothian coast of Scotland, for which I recorded an album of original music with David of Sleet Walls, and wrote an original piece of fiction. Forthcoming in a small edition.

Morro, Asfalto Mar

[2016-2017] - Writer, editor, researcher
             UK / BR

Conducted research on the socioeconomic impact of the 2016 Olympic Games. Conducted interviews in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016. Publication forthcoming. Funded with over $8000 in grant funding from the University of Edinburgh Innovative Initiative Grant and Principal’s Go Abroad Fund.

Vine Box

[2015-2017] - co-curator, music director, poet
             Edinburgh

VineBox is a multimedia happening that takes place in Edinburgh. Music and video art create an immersive atmosphere for poetry reading and performance. Currently collaborating with Rhythm Machine.

Go Abroad Economics

[2014-2015] - co-editor, graphic design
             Buenos Aires

I helped organize and coordinate a trip for Edinburgh Economics students in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we visited with local and international Argenitine businesses and explored the city with an eye for the dynamics of the economy.

Bullseye Magazine

[2014-2015] - co-editor, graphic design
             Edinburgh
Bullseye was an experimental publication sponsored by the Edinburgh University Trading and Investment Society. Focusing on global issues with an artistic eye and critical analysis.


University of Edinburgh

[2013- ]  MA . (Honours) Economics
  -    Principals Go Abroad Fund [2014/2016]
  -    Innovative Initiative Grant [2016]
  -    Media Award [2015]