Ross Devlin 


Collaborative programming in 2019, primarily Audio Arts events held at Artemisia Studios, as well as Hi Tone Cafe, and The CMPLX.

05-25-19 “Phase.2” Huerco S., Unsay, Domestik, Intimacy 
05-17-19 “Phase.1” Loose Lips + Future Everything
05-06-19 Show Me The Body, Reserving Dirtnaps, Tire, Beneviolence
05-01-19 Mdou Moctar
04-21-19 Pedestrian Deposit, Composer 4
04-12-19 Traxman, Qemist, Lukah, Bossladii Angel
03-30-19 “CLUB” Leonce, DJ Chandler Blingg, Nya
03-27-19 Molly Nilsson, Optic Sink, Outside Source
01-30-19 “Five Heads on Overdrive” AceMo, Intimacy, WGM, Beneviolence, NRVVS


12-17-17 Salon Ensemble Bar DKDC, MemphisNate Packard and Nya Sanders
11-17-17 Ross al Ghul, Qemist, Kahmay
05-20-17 The Lotus Eeaters, Wee Red Bar
Overground presents Happa, Mash Hous // ESAF Presents Platform: Contemporary Voices, Biscuit Factory Compact Disc, Wee Red Bar // Overground Presents Mall Grab, Mash Hous // ACS Music Night, Mash House // Overground free party, Mash Hous // Overground Presents Jimmy Asquith, Mash House


  • THRUST -- weekly show on
  • Orbis Tertius - link [archive]
  • Monthly broadcast on Listen.Camp. From the site: “A third world. An imaginary atlas of sound, color, and history. Composer and writer Ross Devlin explores links between experimental and avant garde music in different times and places. Modern works will be compared to their predecessors, international influence will be discussed, obscure and new music pieces played in their entirety with witty commentary.“
  • Bristo BeatsWeekly Radio Show on mixing lo-fi, hi-fi, no-fi beats from Edinburh and beyond. 
  • Vine Box Radioa talk-show radio component of the Vine Box spoken word night, featuring Roshni Gallagher. A discussion on music, poetry, and myths with Danny Leyland and Ross Devlin on

Vine Box

  • Rhythm Machine featuring Cave Collective + Vine Box, Cave Collective presents ‘Creeler’s Cottage,’ an interactive multimedia work “...inspired by the historic Fisherrow fisherwives of Dunbar, Leith and Newhaven, aquatic mythology and folkculture such a sirens and Slavic Rusalki costumes, the museum experience, boundaries and contemporary fashion.”
  • Vine Box, Mash House December 2016, an electro-acoustic, experimental endeavor, featuring surprise guests, performance art, electronic soundscapes and spoken word poetry, featuring contributors to Nomad Magazine, ECA, Heather Parry, and a guitarist from Nashville. November 2015, an acoustic celebration of music, student film, and spoken word poetry, featuring contributors to Nomad Magazine and Crows Nest Zine.
  • Vine Box, Marchmont April 2016, a flat in Marchmont in a cramped corner of a hot, happy room.
  • Indigofera (100 Creative Days-- Listen to the first 10 days on Soundcloud. I started this project in the spring of 2015 with the intent of creating compositions in Ableton solely using field recordings I had collected that day. I completed about 10 days, and collected many more, but the logistics of uploading new compositions and completing them became impossible once I moved to Pune, India for the summer. Perhaps I will start again another year.

Recorded Music

Ross al Ghul.

01.04.17 - Lotus Eaters Release
17.02.17 - ESAF presents
28.10.16 - Rough Cuts #4

Bizarre Silk

Live [2016, self-released] // Calpol [2017, self-released]

monthly Monday at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
Monthly Wednesday at Opium.
04.20.17 farewell, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh
14.02.17 ESAF, Studio 24, Edinburgh
01.28.17 ESMM, Mash House
22.09.17 w/ Sneaky Pete’s
12.05.16 w/ Sploco at Henry’s Cellar Bar
14.02.16 ESAF, summerhall, Edinburgh

Wolf Fluorescence.

Rage/Longing [2016, self-released]
O The Light How It Burns O The Dark How It Heals [2013, self-released]
Safari EP [2013, Rare Nnudes]
Lemonade Sky [2013, Space Slave Editions] Split w/ Wet Eyes [Wet Eyes Recordings]
split w/ Micromelancolie [2013, Beard of Snails]
There is a Mirk Inside Her Which She Must Tint Brighter or Collapse [2013, SicSic Tapes]
We're So Glad You're Home [2013, Fabrica Records]
Bath House [2012, TMA]
Unwavering, Achronymous [2012, Jozik]

11.20.16 - Stereoscope Launch Exhibition, St. Andrews
01.22.13 - Wolf Fluorescence + Bored Lord, Plaintxt, Memphis



V [2015, Tabs Out Records]
IV [2014, Metaphysical Circuits]
III [2013, Rano Tapes]
II [2013, Already Dead Tapes]
I [2012, Patient Sounds Ltd.]


The Arab Springs.


Before 2012...
I liked to record myself playing the acoustic guitar on a Tascam four track recorder. I had various names and ideas...the only one I can find at the moment is l’Orient, on Myspace.